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Q. If my child starts part- time, and my situation changes, can we do extra days?
A. We do have a provision which allows parents/guardians to do extra days, though it would be good if you could provide us with prior notice. However, we understand that emergencies can happen at any point in time. If there is space available, we will be more than happy to enrol your child.

Q. Are staff trained in first aid?
A. All staff are experienced in dealing with sickness and injury. A number of our staff have first aid training and their names are displayed on the notice board. They follow procedures put in place to ensure child’s treatment and recovery.

Q. How often are children sent out to play?
A. The mornings and afternoons are reserved for children as play time. Walks are arranged in the grounds of the Trust.

Q. How are us parents kept up-to-date with our child’s development?
A. There is daily feedback of the child to the parent/guardian when the child is collected at the end of the day. Parents’ meetings are arranged twice a year with the child’s Key Worker. However, if any parent/guardian wishes to speak to us about their child’s progress, we are more than happy to with meet them at any time. Our aim is always to work in partnership with the parents/guardian to ensure child’s development.

Q. What security measures do you have in place when collecting children?
A. We have strict security measures in place. Parents/Guardians have to identify themselves to the staff before they are allowed into the nursery than they have to go through another secure coded entrance. Before entering the room to meet with the Key worker and collect their child. Also a password is set up to be given when a child is collected.

Q. What curriculum is followed for pre-school children?
A. Early Years foundation stage.

Q. Do you take part in any voucher schemes?
A. All voucher schemes are more than welcome.