The Mayfield Nursery’s ethos is a unique, child-centered philosophy with democratic ethos inspired by A.S. Neill’s Summerhill school. We believe all children are innately good and unique, with individual needs and ways of learning which are recognised, appreciated and met. In turn, children are confident, caring, valued, independent, motivated and respected.
We regard each child as a unique individual with his or her own views. Children’s opinions and views are acknowledged as valuable contributions to decision-making affecting the children’s lives. We allow children freedom to be themselves and freedom to take part in activities that their environment offers. Children work together with practitioners to establish clear set of ‘ground rules’ governing behaviour in the nursery. These are periodically reviewed so that new children have a say in how the rules of the nursery operate.

By actively listening to young children’s views and recognising that children communicate in a range of verbal and non-verbal ways, we come to know and understand the children’s needs and interests and therefore can respond positively. That also allows us to tailor provision and activities to each child’s individual interests and needs, in turn, optimising each child’s learning, development and wellbeing.

We promote and support emotional intelligence and believe in each child having a voice and opportunity to discuss and understand their and others’ feelings. We encourage children to feel confident speaking out and managing how to deal with emotional situations as they arise. Happiness and wellbeing are at the core of our values.

We passionately believe that each child is intelligent and have their own unique learning style. Combined with the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim to support each child to develop their individual intelligences and learning style. We identify children’s learning styles and work in close partnership with parents to optimise the child’s outcomes.

Our team are passionate about childcare and education. Each employee is empowered and expected to deliver the highest standards of education. Our team are encouraged to share their passion with children and deliver activities to ignite curiosity across all areas of curriculum. Our team plans and delivers stimulating activities to develop children’s creativity. We have designated Head of Arts who delivers regular Arts classes and shares her passion for Art. We recognise the importance of physical activity and its key for children’s wellbeing. We regularly carry out PE and Yoga sessions. At Mayfield we also strongly believe in broadening children’s horizons by introducing them to foreign languages. Children have opportunities to join in the Spanish and French classes across all the rooms.