Mayfield would like to give a big thank you to all the parents and staff for making our third annual sports day a roaring success! With the help of Ben and Tom from sporty minis the children were able to show case the improvements they have made to their physical development.
The day’s events consisted of a myriad of races; through obstacle courses, with eggs and sacks. After all the excitement the children were presented with their medals and certificates. All the children were than provided with tea, and the parents were given light refreshments as they continued to celebrate the efforts of the children.
These type of events give the parents an opportunity to get to know each other and this helps to strengthen the community in which our children are cared for.
At Mayfield we believe that it is important for children to learn about animals at the earliest stages to further their knowledge of the world, this is one of the key areas of learning outlined by EYFS.
During the farm visit to the Nursery the children were allowed to enter the pop up enclosures whilst being supervised by the trained professional. This gave the children a unique opportunity to have a hands on experience exploring the similarities and differences of the animals, this proved to further their sensory development.
The children met and fed the donkeys, chickens, goats, sheep, lamb, ducklings and Duke the pig- not forgetting the bunny rabbits and guinea pigs! The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting and cuddling the animals in their own garden, where they felt comfortable and were surrounded by familiar faces.
We look forward to the Farms next visit in 2018!

City Farm Trip 2015
Our children love making the most of the garden, playing on the climbing frames, in the cars, painting, practicing for sports day and generally exploring. The gardener has done an amazing job, laying a new lawn and ensuring it’s a completely nettle-free space. There are also splashes of colour with a number of potted flowers, an herb garden and an area where the children can dig and sow their seeds. All the plants were bought from the garden centre in the Trust Grounds ‘ishare’.
We are currently looking to improve the equipment in the garden to enhance the outdoor play for the children
An external trainer was hired to take our staff through key topics of Observation, Evaluation and Planning.